Lighter, Stronger, Made in the USA

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Our boards are handmade in the USA using durable resins and foam cores that are tested and proven by our R&D teams to last a long time and take a beating in the ocean.  

We use various foams for our boards depending on the performance attributes needed for that particular model, but we overwhelmingly choose epoxy when we can.  Anything that is meant to last and withstand the corrosive effects of long-term exposure to salt, wind, and waves is made of epoxy.  Sailboats are a great example of why we are committed to epoxy - they travel slowly, endure wind and waves, and last for decades.

Many of our shapes (the Boar, Kiteboards) are made of recyclable EPS foam.  However, we do incorporate polyurethane foam in our traditional logs to maximize glide. 

Our boards are laminated and sanded in our own glass shop next-door with custom epoxy resins that balance durability and flex. The result is longer-lasting surfboards that are light (where desired), tough, and responsive.


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We use our own proprietary foam in stock shortboards, hybrids, step-ups, and some longboards.  Our foam is recyclable (we recycle our scraps) and food-grade.  As closed-cell EPS, this foam is very light and extremely strong.  We create our own blanks using the XEPS foam.



Used in lighter, high performance boards, big guns, boards for high-heat locations, shortboards, and HP longboards. Due to the tight fusion between beads, this foam is very strong, yet lightweight. Recycled content and recyclable.  Sizes up to 11'6".


MARKO® ifoam

A slower elasticity, composite foam that works great in kite-specific surfboards. Absorbs speed chop and has an excellent memory for underfoot denting and durability.  Great flex into fast turns.  Closed cell and recyclable.


High Density Polyurethane

Best for old-school Mals like the BT where weight is key for glide and momentum.

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  • Appelcore multi-ply stringers are used for many of our boards. They use both fast growing and reclaimed/repurposed woods. Because multiple, thin slices are glued together, Appelcore stringers are lighter, more consistent, stronger and livelier than a single thick stringer.
  • Bamboo. Fast growing, strong, sustainable, great flex.
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Resins + Glassing


We use epoxy resins only. Our resins are light, strong, and produce less VOC's than traditional resins. To care for your epoxy board, please refer to our board care page.


We always use at least 2 layers on the bottom of our boards to increase strength and protect the integrity of the board when sanding. 

Our fiberglass weaves vary depending on use and need.  If you have specific questions about the production of your board, please contact us, we are happy to help.



EPS Foam Recycling

The FCD shop is a drop-off location for household EPS foam.  Bring in your foam cups, to-go containers, packing peanuts, foam packing materials, or coolers marked with the #6 symbol and we'll recycle with our foam scraps.  Unfortunately, at this time, due to our limited storage space, we are unable to accommodate commercial drop-offs.