Top photo by Tim Davis




  • 9'2", 9'4", 9'6", 9'8"


  • Traditional log inspired by the classic shapes of the late '60s and built for tip-time
  • Great for small days

  • Tested on pointbreaks all over the world

  • Polyurethane foam and heavy glassing for glide and momentum
  • Thin 50/50 rails slice through crumbly whitewater and glide over flat sections
  • Rolled hull bottom,  and single concave nose for noseriding
  • Square or pin tail


  • 4 x 6-oz. glass deck, 2 x 6-oz. glass bottom

Fin Setup

  • Single

Standard Dims*

Length Width (in) Thickness (in)
9'2" Slim 22.12 2.62
9'2" OG 22.5 2.8
9'4" 22.62 2.75
9'6" 22.75 2.87

*The dims provided here are meant to be used as a guide only. Because humans are involved in the process of shaping, finishing, and glassing each one of our boards, there may be slight variations in dimensions, even for stock boards. Please contact the shop to find out which models are in stock, as well as exact dimensions.  


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