Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I want to buy a Patagonia wetsuit, FCD Surfboard, and/or Futures fins, do you have demos?

    Currently both Patagonia Cardiff By the Sea and Patagonia Donostia-San Sebastián have demo surfboards available. Most of our Patagonia Surf locations have Futures Fins demos. We do not have demo wetsuits available at this time.

Wetsuit Questions

How do I purchase a Patagonia wetsuit?

What size wetsuit should I purchase?

    Wetsuits should fit snug to the body and will stretch our slightly after 4-5 sessions. Please refer to the Patagonia Wetsuit Size Chart to find the size best suited to you. Size issues are NOT covered by warranty once the wetsuit has been worn in the water. If you have any questions or doubts, please call (805) 641-9428. If we’re busy or the shop is closed please leave a message and we will call you back. You may also email us at

What is the Patagonia Wetsuit Warranty?

What if my suit gets damaged and needs repair?

    We have a great repair center located at FCD that can fix both warranty and non-warranty repairs. Please see the Patagonia Repair Procedures for more information.

Is my wetsuit issue covered by warranty?

    We cannot determine if a wetsuit issue will be covered by warranty over the phone or email, but we will give you our best guess. FCD Surfshop is the only location in the United States that can determine whether or not your suit’s problem falls within the warranty guidelines. Please see the Patagonia Wetsuit Repair Procedures for more information. For international repairs please contact your local Patagonia Surf Dealer.

Where do I drop off my wetsuit for repair?

    You may drop off your wetsuit to the location of purchase or any Patagonia store to be sent in for repair. Please note that FCD is the ONLY location that can assess repair pricing in the United States. Check out our FCD and Patagonia Surf Dealer Locator to find your nearest drop off location. Or, you may ship your wetsuit directly to FCD, please refer to our Wetsuit Repair Procedures for more information. Please do not send your suit internationally without prior approval, we have local repair centers in most locations.

Surfboard Questions

How do I purchase a surfboard?

    In order to provide the best customer service possible and ensure you get the best board for your needs we do not sell surfboards over the internet. Give us a call or email us at and we will be more than happy to help you get you on your next ‘magic’ board.

Where can I find your boards?

Can I put a board on hold?

    If you plan on stopping by a shop we can hold a board for 3 days. We do NOT allow paid holds, lay away plans, or offer discounts, no exceptions.

The Patagonia Surf Store near me does not have the FCD surfboard I want in stock, can you ship one to them for me?

    All Patagonia surf stores have a Surfboard Wish List and will add the wish list to their normal stock order dates. We try our best to fill these requests for each store but there are no guarantees. The only guaranteed method is to call or email FCD and order a board directly, shipping fees will apply.

How do I order a stock/custom FCD surfboard?

    Both stock surfboards (that aren’t currently available on the rack) and custom surfboards may be ordered through FCD Surf Shop. A $300 deposit fee will apply to all orders and an additional $50 fee is charged for all custom orders. Once your order is completed you are responsible for pick up or contacting us to have the board shipped within one week of completion or you will forfeit your deposit. Customer is responsible for ALL shipping fees when ordering an FCD surfboard, even if it’s shipped to a Patagonia store location, no exceptions.

How long does it take to make a surfboard?

    Generally it takes about 8-10 weeks for completion of an FCD surfboard, but it could be quicker. Custom colors and shapes can add an additional 2 weeks.

How much do your boards cost?

I have a board I like from a different surfboard manufacturer; can you guys shape me a replica using your materials?

    No, out of respect for other shapers we will not duplicate their designs, but we’d be happy to fit you onto a similar model in our line.

Do you buy or sell second-hand surfboards?

    No, we do not sell or buy used boards, but we have a BoardSwap event at most of our Patagonia Surf locations at least once per year. Connect to our FCD Surfboards Facebook and keep an eye on our website for details of the next upcoming BoardSwap.

I dinged my board and need to have it professionally repaired, where should I take it?

    Most local surfshops will take boards for repair or have a local contact they trust. When you bring your board in for repair, just remember to remind them your board is epoxy. We do not fix boards at our locations, but we welcome you to email us at for ding repairman recommendations.

Apart from Fletcher Chouinard Designs what other surfboard brands do you carry?

    Many of our stores carry boards from both local and world renowned shapers. To name a few: Malcolm Campbell, Maurice Cole, Gerry Lopez, Mickey Munoz, John Wagener, Danny Hess, Tim Stamps, Ryan Burch, Hank Werner (Mini-Simmons), Illusions Surfboards, Tom Doidge Harrison, and others.

Shipping Questions

How do you ship surfboards?

    FedEx Freight Priority is our shipping method of choice and we’ve got you covered in the rare case that any damage occurs during shipping. If you would like to use another service it is up to you to do the legwork (packing & material fees will still apply) and we will not be responsible for any damages.Shipping isn’t cheap and rates are variable. Shipping quotes can be obtained within 24 hours of shipping. We ship all of our boards with care and take our time – we charge you an additional $25 for this service and it includes a durable shipping box, foam wrap, bubble wrap, and our packing time. There is no rushed shipping or guaranteed shipping dates for surfboards, however, most locations in the continental United States can be delivered within 5 business days. Shipping to a business addresses, or pickup from a FedEx Freight Station averages $100 less and is highly recommended. We are more than willing to ship to any Patagonia retail location for pickup but we will NOT ship to our dealers, sorry. Lastly, shipping a board takes time and is expensive. We do not give discounts, rush shipping, or give free shipping under any circumstances.

Do you offer International shipping?

    At this time, we are only shipping to the United States from our US locations, but we’ve got a handful of locations internationally that ship to nearby locations. Please refer to our international locations below.

International Questions

For other inquiries, please check out our FCD and Patagonia Surf Dealer Locator map.

Additional Questions

My Question isn’t answered here, what do I do?

    Please get in touch with one of our FCD and Patagonia Surf Customer Service Experts through our Contact page. They are happy to answer any questions you might have about Patagonia Wetsuits, FCD Surfboards, and anything else. You can leave comments below as well.

30 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. William Russell says:

    I just bought a 6’0 Huevo, yesterday actually, and I surfed 1st point Malibu today and freakin love it. So I have some questions. What is my next step up as I want to keep it similar to a fuller outline and I think, maybe Im wrong, the F-rocket, I was looking at a 6’2 quad at the Santa Monica store, but I don’t surf super hollow waves very often or super big. Would the F-rocket work as a thruster? Is that even the board for me? I want it for “possible” barreling waves, Westwards and Silver Strand but also for biggish point surf to go more top to bottom.

    Whadda ya think?



    • fcd says:


      The F-rocket is a good choice, they surf hollower-ish waves well, but they also surf open faces well too. You might want to look at the Fark as well? You could get a 5 fin setup on either and that way you can have them as a quad or thruster. I like quads on front side waves, but usually almost always go thruster setup on waves where I’m on my backhand just to make life a little easier. The F-rocket will have tons more drive as a quad in comparison to your Huevo, but slightly less volume so going up to 6’2 should work out perfect.

      Hope this helps!! Feel free to give us a call if you want to talk more.



  2. Inigo says:

    Dear friends:

    My board is the Huevo Ranchero in 6’4”. I’m so happy with it.

    It is the 2 + 1 but I only use it like a single fin.

    Maybe, it would be better to put a bigger central fin.

    Which size do you recommend me?

    I’m 41, not in shape and a intermediate weekend surfer, but I love the feeling of a single fin.

    Thanks a lot,


    • fcd says:


      Generally speaking single fins usually match the fin with the length of the board, given that board has side bites the center fin is probably around 6″ or less. If you take the side bites out you should be able to go up an inch or two before the board starts to feel weird. There’s a lot of experimentation you can do as well, the rake (how swept back the fin is), the base length (effects drive) and flex (effects pop out of turns) are all fun things to get a feel for as you dive into this project. It can get costly though as good fins are an art form and require a particular skill set to make! Check out True Ames website if you get a chance, Chuck has a lifetime of experience at this craft.

      Best regards,


  3. Phillip says:

    Hello FCD,

    I am currently riding a 5’10 fark quad and love it! Thinking about adding more of a short board outline to the quiver for this winter to handle faster beach break waves. I live in Imperial Beach and surf mostly there and other SD spots. I am debating between the Octo and Mako. I am 6’2, 185lbs and was wondering what you recommend.

    • fcd says:


      Sorry for the late reply, I was on a surf trip! Volume wise the 6’4 x 19-5/8 x 2-3/8 (31.46 L) Octo will match up best with what you have under your feet with the 5’10 (30.79 L) Fark you have now. I would suggest you check one out if you are near any stores. Another model you may want to look at is the Mako. At 6’5 you can have 19-7/16 x 2-3/8 and 31.1 L of volume you will have a paddle machine. Hope this helps but if you need to give us a call we can walk you through any of the finer points!

      Best regards,


  4. Sam says:


    I have always wanted to be able to surf. I currently live in a landlocked town in North Idaho, but plan to soon be by the ocean. This being said, I have not had many opportunities to surf. I chose to look at buying an FCD board because I completely support everything you guys (as well as Patagonia) believe in and stand for – whether it be using a different product to avoid harming the environment, or simply making a great product. I was wanting to buy an all-around shortboard that wouldn’t be too difficult to learn on, and was wondering if you could help me out. I was looking at the Fish, I just was not sure on sizing. I am 6’0″ and weigh 140lbs. Also, some recommendations on a fin set up would be fantastic as well.

    Thanks for your help!

    • fcd says:


      Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town surfing! Thanks for the kind words but in all honesty I think you should buy a used board and learn with that. You will beat it up going to and from the beach, walking through doorways, taking it in and out of your car, etc.. Buying one of our boards is great, but what is even better is buying a used one and keeping it out of the land fill. Plus, with a used one you will learn how to do ding repair! Seriously, once you go through the learning process you can always buy new, but I always recommend people buy used at first that way they’ve spent less money. If you like it, and want to progress you can always sell the used board fro some cash to someone just like yourself and take that money and put it towards something smaller. I would recommend buying the biggest cheapest longboard you can carry as you will learn fastest on a big board.

      I hope this helps!


  5. Elliot Grant says:

    Im looking at your boards and im curious about a couple details on your Huevo Ranchero and the quark. I am an intermediate to beginner surfer and im getting alot more into it and i feel like my used nsp board is a little battered. i like the designs of your boards and the ideology behind patagonia and fcd. I like up in Marin (across the bay from SF) and the waves here are not the best. What would you recommend and why as of the Huevo Ranchero and quark.

    • fcd says:


      I think it would be best if you could give us a call at the shop and talk to somebody here, we have a lot of options we should probably walk you through and we could also find out a little more about what you want to be able to surf etc.. You can email us to set up a time or just give a call any time between 10-5 pretty much every day but Sunday. Sundays we are open 11-5.



  6. Heb says:

    Hi fcd,

    Amazingly I have just board a second hand 7′ Huevo Ranchero in the UK! very rare. It’s a board I’ve wanted for a long time so really lucky. I’ll put some Futures SB1’s side bites in (if they’re the right ones) but wondered what centre fin would you recommend. At the moment it’s set up as a thruster?!

    Many thanks

  7. Patrick Breaylt says:

    Hi – just wondering if you plan on restocking any more colors of the trucker hat and also the gray color of the fish fork hat?


    • fcd says:


      New styles will be showing up as they come in. The best way to see what is new the fastest is to check the Patagonia site. On the hats page the “exclusives” are what is available online and in stores only. I don’t see the ones you are looking for right now up there though. The store styles (Cardiff, Bowery, FCD) etc., are available in retail stores only and we try to update the website as much as possible but this time of year it gets pretty hectic. As for the hats you are looking for specifically we are out of stock, but new ones are slated to arrive before the holidays. Sorry I don’t have more accurate info at this moment!

      Best regards,


  8. Dennis says:

    Hi could you tell me on average which board would be faster? An 8′ Triditional or a 7’10” – 8′ huevo ranchero bronzer five fin? Can you
    make a 8′ Huevo? Can you do solid colors in either one of those boards and what are costs?


    • fcd says:


      The speed depends a lot on the quality of the wave and you. In an apples to apples down the line drag race comparison a 5 fin is always faster. We can make a 8′ Huevo but it will have to be a custom order. We can do solid colors but costs vary, it’s best to get a ball park on that when you choose color, length of board, fin set up, etc..

      It would be best of you could call and talk to someone here in the shop so we can get a better idea of where you surf, the types of waves you are surfing, experience, height, weight, age, etc. so that we can steer you in the best possible direction.

      I hope this was helpful!

      best regards,


  9. Will says:


    I’m thinking about getting an F Rocket for bigger days in Cornwall, England. I’m 40, 5’6″ & 155lbs. Ok fitness, ok surfer. I want something to help deal with the moving water & long paddles & drops on bigger days. The F-rocket sounds just the thing! I’d be using it mostly in winter, in full gimp outfit – boots gloves & hood. What size do you think?

    • fcd says:


      Sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve been on the road! I’m 43, 5’10 and paddle the 6’2 to beat crowds in waves a little over head, but I also use it in bigger stuff up to 2x overhead. I bet you could get away a with something a tad bit smaller but I always like a little more foam than less….especially when dealing with crowds. My guess is something in the 5’10 – 6’0 range that way you have a little something extra for those really good days.

      Hope this helps,


  10. Hello, Iwould like to by one of your boards, I am not shure which one will be the best fore me, I think the triditional but I would like to talk to one of your expers for an advice, the problem is I live in Argentina and you dont have a shop here, I tavel frecuently to the US , so I can make it deleaver to my hotel and then bring it down to my country. Can you tell me where to call please. Thak you.

  11. Kay says:

    Hi! I am a beginner (I have been riding a Walden Magic longboard), and would like to step down in size. Can you help steer my towards a good board for that transition? I surf in Humboldt, CA. I am about 5’7″, 150 lbs.

  12. Max says:

    Hi i was wondering if a board that has a single concave running through the whole board out the tail with no double at all will be good for doing sharp turns, snaps, and airs? does concave affect on how you do tricks and how you turn your board?

  13. Colin McDonald says:

    I bought an f rocket and while happy with performance, the construct did not live up to expectations with glass separating from EPS foam unexplainably.

  14. Tom says:

    Hey – I have a 6’6″ Huevo Ranchero 2+1 set up. Currently surfing it with a 6.5 center fin +/- side bites . Thoughts on surfing it as a thruster with all fins being equal in size? What fin size and setup would work best as a thruster?

  15. Mark says:

    I’m looking at two boards for overhead-DOH winter conditions in San Diego, a Mako and an Octo and I’m on the fence over which to go with. Wide variety of waves, everything from thumping top to bottom beach break to a certain North County point on the best (but insanely crowded) days. Both boards are 6’8 and both are quad set ups. I’m 6’2 200lbs, of average ability middle age guy, and am currently on a 5’11 quad fish for the points and a 6’2 floaty thruster for Oceanside A-frames. I need a bigger board for this winter but do not want to go down the semi-gun path. Looking to get in and set up early. Any advice you have would be much appreciated!

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