Tim Davis – Red Collective

Tim Davis

Patagonia Photographer & Director of Photography

Patagonia’s staff photographer and director of photography, Tim Davis, discusses Patagonia’s history, philosophy and what it takes to be a master of your craft.

Tim’s work can be viewed at

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Ramon Navarro Surfs Big Wave Peahi (Jaws) | Los Buscagigantes with Ramon Navarro, Ep. 4

Ramon Navarro heads to a favorite place of his, and many surfers – Hawaii to try his hand at big wave surfing’s ultimate proving ground, Peahi (Jaws) on Maui. His close friends are there to support him, friends who helped him in his first visits to Hawaii – surfers like Kohl Christensen. They take Ramon out to a secret surf spot to enjoy one of the best waves of Ramon’s life…

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Worn Wear: a Film About the Stories We Wear

Worn Wear: a Film About the Stories We Wear Presented by Patagonia
Directed by Keith, Lauren, Chris, and Dan Malloy
Closed-captioned in English, Spanish and Korean

Worn Wear is an exploration of quality — in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family’s maple syrup harvest in Contoocook, New Hampshire; an organic farm in Ojai, California; and into the lives of a champion skier, a National Geographic photographer, and a legendary alpinist. It also features exclusive interviews with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. Released as an antidote to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, Worn Wear is an invitation to celebrate the stuff you already own.

Learn more about Worn Wear events and share your story at a href=”http://wornwear.patagonia.com/”wornwear.patagonia.com

Featuring music by:
Emy Reynolds, Dan Malloy and Jon Swift, Todd Hannigan, Sarah Jaffe, Jim Brady, Ben Sollee, Keith Malloy, Terry Coffield, Delta Spirit, Guy Clark

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Los Buscagigantes with Ramon Navarro, Ep. 3 | The Temperamental, Legendary Rapa Nui

Episode three of EpicTV’s Los Buscagigantes with Ramon Navarro, Ep. 3|The Temperamental, Legendary Rapa Nui.Rapa Nui is THAT surf location – ‘the one that got away’ – the one you show up at ten times and if you’re lucky, one of those times it’s ‘going off.’ The thing is, if it IS going off, you’re probably going to get the best barrel of your life. Rapa Nui is full of mystery and beauty, and after years of pining, Ramon Navarro, Cristian Merello and Gabriel Villaran finally score one of the best and epic sessions in Latin American surfing history. Rapa Nui is good as it gets.

Director: Rodrigo Farias
Producer: AguaSagrada Films
Athletes: Ramon Navarro, Cristian Merello, Uti Araki and Gabriel Villaran
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Los Buscagigantes with Ramon Navarro, Ep. 2 | New Big Wave in Central Chile

Episode two of EpicTV’s series with Ramon Navarro: After several years of investigation, surfer Ramon Navarro finally gets to paddle out to a new wave in Central Chile. Bad weather and fog get in their way of realizing the spot’s potential, but when a new big wave break like this is discovered, Ramon and his friends are unstoppable in their quest to surf a new big in Central Chile.

Producer: Agua Sagrada
Location: Los Vilos
Athletes:Ramon Navarro, Patricio Mekis, Federico Mekis, Tomas Mekis
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Los Buscagigantes with Ramon Navarro, Ep. 1

EpicTV’s series Los Buscagigantes is on! In this first webisode, join professional surfer Ramon Navarro to the beautiful island of Fiji, where he took a last minute decision and traveled all the way across the globe to surf and experience what is, so far, the wave of his life.

Director: Rodrigo Farias
Producer: Aguasagrada Films
Athletes: Ramon Navarro, Kelly Slater, Raoni Monteiro, Damien Hobgood
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Responsibly Sourced Merino

    Regenerating the Grasslands of Patagonia

    This partnership with Ovis 21, The Nature Conservancy and Patagonia, Inc. aims to restore natural grasslands across Patagonia through evolved grazing practices as defined by the Grassland Regeneration and Sustainability Standard (GRASS). We are using the high-quality merino wool from the Ovis 21 collective in our merino wool baselayers.

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Patagonia’s Portable Self-Inflation Vest

    The unridden realm is becoming ridden, and Patagonia’s new PSI vest is meant to keep surfers safer as they push into the biggest conditions the ocean can offer. Featuring Patagonia ambassador Kohl Christensen and big wave chargers Ben Wilkinson, Mike Pietsch and Aaron Gold as they put prototype versions to the test in Fiji and Hawaii.

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Red Bull Decades: Lopez Pipeline Gun

The most iconic surfboards ever shaped.

In the second episode of Red Bull Decades is the board from the 1970s, probably the most iconic surfboard ever shaped– the Gerry Lopez Pipeline Gun.

These boards, recreations of the original were hand shaped by Gerry himself, an honor not missed on the surfers riding them, “It seems sacrilegious to even wax them,” said Ian Walsh before paddling out on this incredible surfboard.

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Hawaii: A Kitesurfing Short Film

Follow Patagonia Kite Surfing Ambassador Reo Stevens in an interesting short on the North shore of Hawaii, the birthplace of surfing. Where heroes gather and legends are made. Home to Cabrinha kites. Infamous for massive winter swells. In the first act of this kitesurfing short feature we see how easy a love affair with the ocean or with a pretty girl begins. II, Fade from black and white to full color. And III, has the goods wrapped in barrels of fun. Its intoxicating lure calling us out to ride.

FILMED & EDIT: Anders Krüger
ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE: Keahi de Aboitiz & Reo Stevens
RC HELI: Jamie Barrow & Anders Krüger
MUSIC LICENSE: Audionetwork.com
RIDERS: Keahi de Aboitiz, Reo Stevens, Moona Whyte, Pete Cabrinha
GEAR: Drifter’s and Cabrinha Surfboards

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