Made in Ventura, CAlifornia

Shop crew, circa late '90s.

Shop crew, circa late '90s.

For the last 20+ years, we've been dedicated to building durable, long-lasting, high performance boards using the best materials.  We are committed to constant innovation to develop higher-performing designs and construction. We shape and glass in Ventura from start to finish, using materials and processes designed to lengthen the life of your boards. 

After 20 years, our boards have been ridden at waves on every continent and we still do everything right here in Ventura, half a block away from where we started.


hammer and iron to planer and foam



Our shop began across the street from the tin shed blacksmith shop where Chouinard (climbing) Equipment, and subsequently Patagonia, was born 40+ years ago.  Fletch and his team continue the family lineage of craftsmen / outdoorsmen with functional, hands-on design.


Our roots

Fletch,  somehwere in Chile . Photo by Rodrigo Farias.

Fletch, somehwere in Chile. Photo by Rodrigo Farias.