Top photo by Spencer Suitt


Thinking of ordering a custom?

We've got you covered - we are more than happy to shape you a custom, or accommodate custom colors and resin tints.  


Generally, we shape customs that are slight variations of our existing shapes.  Think boards slightly smaller, larger, thicker, thinner, or wider than stock models - grom sizes, boards for larger riders needing a touch more foam for paddling, shapes for lightweight riders, etc.  Or perhaps you just want some color on a stock model. 

We are also happy to alter the fin setup if the model calls for it - 

  • Fifth fin box on a shortboard for swapping between quad and thruster
  • Side bites on a longboard for versatility / travel
  • Quad-only Shrike kiteboard

Custom Colors

Our glass shop crew is a talented bunch capable of producing perfect pin-lines and solid, even resin tints. However, when ordering a custom color, keep in mind that exposure to heat and sunlight will degrade all boards over time.  Since darker colors absorb more heat and aid in the degradation of your board more quickly (particularly when traveling to tropical places), we recommend going with lighter colors.  Here is a sampling of glass-shop-approved colors for solid resin tints.  



Other shapers' designs: Out of respect for other shapers, we are unable to duplicate other designs (although it does help us out to know what you are riding).  We will, however, do our best to make sure you find something in our line!

Alternative shapes: Over the years, we've found that some requests are best left to other shapers who specialize in alternative types of boards and materials.  Below is a running list of surf craft and designs that should be handled by expert shapers in those fields:

  • Moontails (they just haven't ever worked for us!)
  • Gliders
  • SUPs
  • Hulls
  • Finless boards
  • Kneeboards


Custom orders can take between 8 - 10 weeks, depending on the order and current wait time.  If you need your custom order sooner rather than later, please contact the shop and we can provide the current ETA.


Ready to order?

Contact us if you have questions about what to order - we are happy to help and walk you through the process.  

If you are ready to pull the trigger, please fill out the custom board form by clicking on the button below.  The shop will receive your custom board request, consult with the shaping and/or glassing crew, and respond to your request as soon as we can.


Have a question?  We're all ears.