General Questions


I want to buy a Patagonia wetsuit, FCD Surfboard, and/or Futures fins, do you have demos?

Currently both Patagonia Cardiff By the Sea has demo surfboards available. Most of our Patagonia Surf locations have Futures Fins demos. 


Wetsuit Questions

How do I purchase a Patagonia wetsuit?

You can purchase any of our wetsuits at FCD, Patagonia Surf Retail, or Dealer locations.  Wetsuits can also be purchased online through  If you'd like to purchase through FCD, either stop by the shop, or give us a call.  

What size wetsuit should I purchase?

Wetsuits should fit snug to the body and will stretch out slightly after 4-5 sessions. Please refer to the Patagonia Wetsuit Size Chart to find the size best suited to you. Sizing issues are NOT covered by warranty once the wetsuit has been worn in the water.

What if my suit gets damaged and needs repair?

We are able to repair suits with both warranty and non-warranty issues.  For more information about what constitutes a warranty repair, as well as cost of non-warranty repairs, please refer to our Wetsuit Warranty Page located HERE.  


Where do I drop off my wetsuit for repair? 

For folks located in the Ventura area, you are able to drop off your wetsuit at the FCD shop location.  For shipping information, additional drop off locations, or international repairs, please refer to our wetsuit warranty page located HERE.  


Surfboard Questions

How do I purchase a surfboard?

In order to provide the best customer service possible and ensure you get the best board for your needs we do not sell surfboards over the internet. Give us a call or email us at and we will be more than happy to help you get you on your next ‘magic’ board.

Where can I find your boards?

Please refer to our FCD and Patagonia Surf Dealer page.

Can I put a board on hold?

If you plan on stopping by a shop we can hold a board for 3 days. We do NOT allow paid holds, lay away plans, or offer discounts, no exceptions.

The Patagonia Surf Store near me does not have the FCD surfboard I want in stock, can you ship one to them for me?

All Patagonia surf stores have a Surfboard Wish List and will add the wish list to their normal stock order dates. We try our best to fill these requests for each store but there are no guarantees. The only guaranteed method is to call or email FCD and order a board directly, shipping fees will apply.

How do I order a stock/custom FCD surfboard?

Both stock surfboards (that aren’t currently available on the rack) and custom surfboards may be ordered through FCD Surf Shop. Please refer to our Custom board page for more specifics. In regards to pricing, a $300 deposit fee will apply to all orders and an additional $50 fee is charged for all custom orders. Once your order is completed you are responsible for pick up or contacting us to have the board shipped within one week of completion or you will forfeit your deposit. Customer is responsible for ALL shipping fees when ordering an FCD surfboard, even if it’s shipped to a Patagonia store location, no exceptions.

How long does it take to make a surfboard?

Generally it takes about 8-10 weeks for completion of an FCD surfboard, but it could be quicker. Custom colors and shapes can add an additional 2 weeks.

How much do your boards cost?

Prices may vary by location to account for shipping and local currency. Please contact your nearest dealer for pricing information.

I have a board I like from a different surfboard manufacturer; can you guys shape me a replica using your materials?

No, out of respect for other shapers we will not duplicate their designs, but we’d be happy to fit you onto a similar model in our line.

Do you buy or sell second-hand surfboards?

No, we do not sell or buy used boards, but we have a BoardSwap event at most of our Patagonia Surf locations at least once per year. Connect to our FCD Surfboards Facebook or Instagram and keep an eye on our website for details of the next upcoming BoardSwap.

I dinged my board and need to have it professionally repaired, where should I take it?

Most local surfshops will take boards for repair or have a local contact they trust. When you bring your board in for repair, just remember to remind them your board is epoxy. We do not fix boards at our locations, but we welcome you to email us at for ding repairman recommendations.

Apart from Fletcher Chouinard Designs what other surfboard brands do you carry?

Many of our stores carry boards from both local and world renowned shapers. To name a few: Malcolm Campbell, Maurice Cole, Gerry Lopez, Mickey Munoz, John Wagener, Danny Hess, Tim Stamps, Ryan Burch, Hank Werner (Mini-Simmons), Illusions Surfboards, Tom Doidge Harrison, and others.


Shipping Questions

How do you ship surfboards?

FedEx Freight Priority is our shipping method of choice and we’ve got you covered in the rare case that any damage occurs during shipping. If you would like to use another service it is up to you to do the legwork (packing & material fees will still apply) and we will not be responsible for any damages.Shipping isn’t cheap and rates are variable. Shipping quotes can be obtained within 24 hours of shipping. We ship all of our boards with care and take our time – we charge you an additional $25 for this service and it includes a durable shipping box, foam wrap, bubble wrap, and our packing time. There is no rushed shipping or guaranteed shipping dates for surfboards, however, most locations in the continental United States can be delivered within 5 business days. Shipping to a business addresses, or pickup from a FedEx Freight Station averages $100 less and is highly recommended. We are more than willing to ship to any Patagonia retail location for pickup but we will NOT ship to our dealers, sorry. Lastly, shipping a board takes time and is expensive. We do not give discounts, rush shipping, or give free shipping under any circumstances.

Do you offer International shipping?

At this time, we are only shipping to the United States from our US locations, but we’ve got a handful of locations internationally that ship to nearby locations. Please refer to our international locations below.


International Questions

For European and African inquiries, please visit
For Australia, Indonesia and Asian inquiries please visit
For Central and South American inquiries please visit
For Japanese inquiries, please visit

    For other inquiries, please check out our FCD and Patagonia Surf Dealer Locator map.


    Additional Questions

    My Question isn’t answered here, what do I do?

    Please get in touch with one of our FCD and Patagonia Surf Customer Service Experts through our Contact page. They are happy to answer any questions you might have about Patagonia Wetsuits, FCD Surfboards, and anything else. You can leave comments below as well.