Warranty repairs cover anything that appears to have failed under normal use, such as a torn seam or a broken zipper. Warranty items are always repaired free of charge.

We expect our suits to last between 3 and 4 seasons when properly maintained and cared for.  This varies from user to user and does not necessarily have to do with the amount of times the product is used.  We are always willing to evaluate your item(s) and are determined to make quality repairs and alterations whenever feasible and possible.

Booties & Gloves

Our booties and gloves are not expected to last as long as our suits.  They tend to wear and tear more with each session than a suit normally would.  We anticipate our accessories to have a useful lifetime between 2 and 3 seasons.

Warranty-covered fixes (no charge)

  • Kneepad and cuff delamination
  • Power seams
  • Crotch seams
  • Internal seam tape
  • Glue smoothie cracks (minor only)
  • Tears in liner or insulation (minor only)
  • Yoke panel or collar replacement
  • Key pocket/loop addition or replacement
  • Re-glue chest zip
  • Lost or broken pullcords (i.e. hoods/vests/wetsuit tops)
  • Extend or replace zipper pull/slider
  • Velcro replacement
  • Holes at back of neck pullover/bartacks
  • Melco dots/reinforcements
  • Booties/Gloves
    • Heel pulls/loops
    • Broken or town buckles/straps
    • Lengthen or shorten straps
    • Replace or reinforce Velcro/stitching
    • Small holes or cuts in neoprene
    • Power seams


Non-warranty repairs cover damage due to normal wear and tear or damage not caused by a malfunction.  For example, a blown-out panel, a fin cut, or delamination of materials.  We offer repairs for these items at a reasonable cost.  Fit issues and sizing are strictly not covered.  These two need to be resolved before the suit hits the water.

non-warranty fixes (charge):

  • Delamination anywhere aside from kneepads or cuffs (i.e. elbows, rear, chest, hips, shoulders)
  • Panel and cuff replacements
  • Calf panel blowouts
  • Fin cuts or slices
  • Dog or animal bites/scratches
  • Material pilling, thinning, or abrasion
  • Sun damage, discoloration or fading
  • Major smoothie cracking
  • Zippers missing teeth
  • Sizing/fit issues
  • Alterations
  • Suits, booties, or gloves past their lifetime
  • Booties/Gloves:
    • Holes or delamination in the fingers, toes, palms or foot bed
    • Major rips/tears in interior lining or shaft of booties
    • Sizing/fit issues

Charges for non-warranties:

$20 (Minimum Charge)

  • Dirty/damp/sandy suits
  • Fin cuts/slices/tears or holes
  • Zipper replacement or snap-button closure for front-zip suit
  • Ankle cuff/seam blowout
  • Elbow patches
  • Crotch panel replacement
  • Cuff replacement(s)
  • Remove hood
  • Portable Self-Inflation (PSI) Vest Modification
  • Alterations (varies; subject to approval)

$40 Charge

  • Arm/sleeve panel replacement ($40 each)
  • Calf panel replacement ($40 each)
  • Rear panel delamination (1/2 panel replacement)
  • Add hood
  • Alterations (varies; subject to approval)

$80 (Maximum) Charge

  • Full panel replacement (front or rear)
  • Zipper repacement for back zip suit


In terms of alterations, we need to see a visual and have the correct measurements to ensure a proper fit. We prefer that the customer comes to FCD surf shop to be measured (if local) or contacts us to determine if the alteration is possible before sending the suit in. The most common types of alterations we can accommodate are:

  • Neck collar/pullover resizing
  • Hood re-sizing or replacement
  • Cuff replacements
  • Leg length and/or arm length (add or remove up to 2"_
  • Convert a full suit to a spring suit (short-sleeve spring or full/long-sleeve spring)

Something we simply cannot do: Make a MS or MT wetsuit fit like a Medium.  All major fit issues must be resolved before the suit hits the water - this includes when the suit is purchased from a dealer.  Fit is NOT covered under our warranty.

Wetsuit repair & return faq

What is the process for returning my wetsuit?

If your item has been used, it must be sent to the Wetsuit Repairs Facility in Ventura, CA. Once your item is received, it will be evaluated to determine if fixes can be made, or if a return or replacement is warranted. Please include a valid proof of purchase. 

FCD – Wetsuit Repairs
43 S Olive Street
Ventura, CA 93001

If your item has not been worn and is in brand new condition, send it to the Reno Service Center. Your item must be accompanied by a receipt, order number, or other proof of purchase.

Patagonia Service Center – Wetsuit Return
8550 White Fir Street
Reno, NV 89523


What is the process for repairing my wetsuit?

Once the item gets to the Repairs Department, we evaluate it and determine the repairs we will make. Typically, we look for areas where we see wear in addition to the repairs you specify when sending in your item. If no payment is needed, we will contact you with the current turnaround time and what to expect during the repairs process. If we find non-warranty fixes, we will contact you to clear charges. When repairs are finished, you will be called for pick-up (if local), or sent tracking information after your item is shipped out via UPS. Please note, we are unable to ship to P.O. boxes.


How long will my repair take?

Our turnaround time is generally 10 business days or less. This excludes shipping and/or time in transit.

Turnaround times can be extended to 15 business days around the holidays when repair techs are out or on vacation. If you prefer an expedited repair, it must be approved before sending the suit in to us.


Where and how do i send my item for repair?

As a courtesy to our employees, please wash and thoroughly dry your item before dropping it off or mailing it in for return/repair. Damp or dirty items can damage our sewing machines and repair equipment, as well as add to your turnaround time. We reserve the right to charge for any item we receive that is not clean or dry. If excessive, we may send the item back to you as is.

US (Domestic) Repairs:

You may send in your item to the Wetsuit Repairs Facility in Ventura, CA. You also have the option to drop off your item at any Patagonia retail store or dealer location. (See: Patagonia Store Locator)

FCD – Wetsuit Repairs
43 S Olive Street
Ventura, CA 93001


International repairs



Bodyline Wetsuits
1 Bownder Marhaus
Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1GP
+44 (0) 1637 851523
Contact: Gary Chambers


Patagonia International Inc
Wetsuit Returns
93 Beach Rd
Torquay VIC 3228
(03) 5261 4411