Coming Soon: The Kite Gun

Photo:  Pete Hodgson

Our new step-up kiteboard model, the Kite Gun, is almost ready for the racks and your summer kite trip to some South Pacific reef passes (we hear there are some decent kite waves in Fiji.....).  But before we get crazy and announce dimensions and put up a new page for the model, we wanted to provide a brief overview of the new shape and get you just as stoked on the Kite Gun as we are.


Why the kite gun?

If you kite waves, you know that feeling.  You're out on your regular kiteboard (for us, the Shrike), but the waves are a bit bigger or hollower than the size of your board can comfortably allow, so you do your best to outrun whitewater and stick to shoulder turns in non-critical sections to ensure you don't lose control of everything.  You wish you could hit that lip as hard as you normally would, or fade the section while eying the next one without worrying that you're going to spin out. 

That's where the Kite Gun comes in.  


Why does it work?

The narrower shape overall, extra rocker, and additional rail line work to hold in bigger, hollower, and faster waves.  The Kite Gun is meant to be ridden longer than your regular kiteboard, and this extra rail helps you feel in control of your turn when you're dealing with a ton of power.  The rocker also assists with those elevator drops that can sometimes happen if you get a bit caught up in the lip after a turn.

The Kite Gun can also work for back-footed riders who love to ride super powered and fast, regardless of conditions. 


How do we know the Kite Gun works?

Take a look at the evidence above, courtesy of Reo Stevens.


Where can I get a kite gun?

At this time, the Kite Gun can be ordered as a custom.  However, we are working to fill the racks and may have a few sizes ready in the next couple of months.  Best bet would be to call the shop at (805) 641-9428 or email if you're looking to grab one for your next kite trip!