Kiteboards / Kite Gun


Top photo by Pete Hodgson


Kite Gun

Most of our true big wave guns are custom, and the variations between gun models have been developed and refined with the crew for very different conditions.  

Outer reef

  • Flatter, thicker, straighter

  • Wide point forward

  • Designed for chasing down open ocean waves

  • 9'6" - ? (Big Ben rides 11'+ for maxing Oahu outer reefs)

  • Quad


Conventional Gun

  • Flipped and foiled for late drops and control

  • Drives through giant barrel sections at maxing reefs and beachbreaks

  • Slight concave, vee to double concave

  • 8'6" - 10'6"

  • Quad, thruster, 4+1



  • Down-the-line point-style gun

  • Low rocker, beak nose

  • 25% more volume than our standard gun at the same size

  • 7'0" - 9'6"

  • Quad, thruster, 4+1


All Concave

  • Much more tail rocker and deep concave

  • Concave allows for superior edge control and critical mid-face bite and drive

  • Can be ridden further back, with back foot centered closer to the fin cluster

  • Quad + 1


Glassing for all guns

  • Extremely strong






To order a gun, please contact us here and let us know where you surf - we want to make sure you receive the best possible rocket ship for your home big wave spot.


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