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Built by good friends
& good surfers.

FCD Surfboards

Made in Ventura, California.

At FCD, the surf experience runs deep. For the last 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to building the best boards we can using the lightest and strongest blanks and glass. But our work goes beyond that: It includes a commitment to constant innovation through testing boards in the lab and the water to develop higher-performing designs and construction techniques. We build in Ventura from start to finish, using lower-impact materials and processes to minimize the environmental damage caused by surfboard production.

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Photo by Tim Davis

Design & Shaping

A proud tradition.

We believe the best boards are made by people who live and breathe surfing, keeping the traditional connection between surfer and shaper alive. Each step in the production process is given our fullest attention—and as a tight-knit crew of lifelong craftsmen, we’re able to put in the time that the highest-quality boards require. Drawing on our own experience—and our team of riders and testers—we make a complete range of standard and custom shapes for all kinds of surf.

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Performance & Testing

Lighter, stronger, less harm.

Drawing on two decades of testing and design, we’ve developed a unique method that makes our boards lighter, stronger and less harmful to the environment. We make most of our blanks ourselves, using closed-cell EPS foam that contains no VOCs. And we don’t outsource our glassing—all our boards are finished in our own glass shop with custom resins that balance durability and flex. The result is longer-lasting surfboards that are light, lively and responsive on the face, in the barrel or above the lip.

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