Top photo by Peter Joli Wilson


Foil Surfboard

The critical thing we've found in design for foil surfing is paddle power.  You want to get in early and get to your feet before anything crazy can happen.  After the longest ride ever, you want to be able to get back to the peak or hook up with the next whitecap.  Fletch's inspiration for this shape came from prone paddleboards.  You'll generally want to go as small as you think you can manage so that there's not undue swing weight for pumping. 


  • 5'4", 5'6" (46L), 5'9", 6'0", 6'2"


  • Minimal rocker
  • Straight / parallel outline
  • Maximum float at the rail and tail to compensate for the weight, drag, and instability of the foil when paddling
  • Scooped deck to lower your center of gravity underfoot and fit "inside" the board when paddling

Mounting options

  • Available with 90mm mast plate syle or Deep Tuttle box
  • For kite-foiling, or surf-foiling with your own board, please contact us and we'll let you know if you board would be appropriate for a foil attachment.

Custom Options

  •  Non-paddle / PWC-assist foil boards are custom only (for now)
  • We are not currently producing kitefoil racing boards.
  • Contact us for more custom information.

Foil not included with purchase of foil surfboard.  For foil recommendations and advice, please contact us. 


FCD Surfboards_Foil Board white with Pelican Foil.png
Foil Board_with Pelican Foil_White Angle.png

Standard Dims*

Length Width (in) Thickness (in) Volume (L)
5'9" 18.56 2.87 46.5
5'10" 19.50 2.5 43
6'0" 20 3 53.2
6'2" 20 3.1 58

*The dims provided here are meant to be used as a guide only. Because humans are involved in the process of shaping, finishing, and glassing each one of our boards, there may be slight variations in dimensions, even for stock boards. Please contact the shop to find out which models are in stock, as well as exact dimensions. 


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