Kiteboards / Blunt




  • 4'8", 5'0", 5'2", 5'4"


  • Everyone seems to have a cut-off-nose style board these days, but with our kite-optimized rocker and features, the Blunt is becoming a favorite in all conditions.

  • Carves a very tight radius turn instead of having to "fight" the rocker and fins.

  • The quad fins and concave/4-channel bottom give you edge control and speed to get you upwind faster when it's light.

  • Overcomes bad current with speed and power and planing area.

  • Sticks to your feet in the air during strapless freestyle tricks.

  • Pre-shaped deck depression/grab channels lower your center of gravity and make it feel like your "old favorite."


  • MARKO composite “iFoam” for chop-dampening control, flex, maneuverability

Fin Setup

  • Quad

Custom options

  • Our stock kiteboards do not come with foot strap inserts. For strapped riding, contact us for custom inserts.

Standard Dims*

Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Volume (Beers)
4'8" 16.37 1.88 17.3 48.75
5'0" 17.37 2 21 59.17
5'2" 17.87 2.1 23.3 65.65
5'4" 18.37 2.2 25.6 72.14

*The dims provided here are meant to be used as a guide only. Because humans are involved in the process of shaping, finishing, and glassing each one of our boards, there may be slight variations in dimensions, even for stock boards. Please contact the shop to find out which models are in stock, as well as exact dimensions.  Also, we do not recommend consuming the amount of beer noted in the chart above.


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