Supporting Cancer Survivors at the Upcoming 2018 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer!


Kiteboarding for Cancer 2018: July 13 - 15

Cancer has impacted all of us - we all know a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor who has been affected by this disease.  Some of us have been even been through it ourselves.  We focus our resources on the disease, the treatments, the prognosis, and the elusive cure.  However, what happens to those who have survived cancer?  What resources are available for those who have beat the odds? Often, picking up where you left off isn't an option when you've changed physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Reo takes advantage of a spare moment to fly around.

Reo takes advantage of a spare moment to fly around.

That's where Project Koru steps in.  Project Koru aims to provide support and enrich the lives of those who have survived cancer through outdoor adventure therapy.  With a supportive environment that encourages healing and community, survivors are able to move forward in a new, inspired way.  

Every year, we sponsor and raise money for Project Koru's camps through Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, a weekend kite festival and kite race that directly contributes to the cost of sending survivors to camps.  We've contributed boards for the raffle, sent our banners and tents over, and sponsored other event items.  

Slezak loves spraying the photog.

Slezak loves spraying the photog.

Where we really have the most fun, though, is participating.  We gather kite ambassadors, shop crew, employees, family, and friends to participate in the race and contribute to the kite chaos that occurs when you pack a couple hundred kites in a 2-3 mile course.  

We usually end up a few kite crashes, tangles, sunburns and a virtually unquenchable thirst that can only be remedied by the charity beers we dutifully consume. 

If you're feeling inspired, we would love if you were able to donate to our team.  Link to donate is below.  

Stay tuned for a full wrap up of the event once we get back!!!


*All photos on this page: Richard Hallman

Jessica Salcido