Wayne Lynch – Uncharted Waters Tour

Wayne Lynch - Uncharted Waters Tour

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  1. Kevin Shon says:

    Will you be showing this anywhere else! I live in NJ but cant get up to NYC that night!!! i really wanna see Wayne!!!!!!

    • fcd says:


      This will be a one time showing this go around but rest assured we will be screening it again! I’m guessing it will make some film festivals and we will for sure be showing it again in the city some time, maybe even at the Bowery store after it opens. We are working on trying to organize some cool outdoor events with some of our neighbors. Wayne has to hurry and get back to Oz to hit some tour dates there otherwise we would be showing it more.

      Thanks for the enthusiasm, I’ll pass it on to Wayne for you!


  2. Scott says:

    Just wanted to say, finally found a copy of this . . . while cruisin’ through a Patagonia store . . . from Day One of my own (now 48 year) surfing journey, Wayne Lynch was The Man. For his surfing, certainly, but I was somehow intuitively aware that he might be the First Soul Surfer . . . and he was. All the reasons I had 48 years ago to be a fan, are still in place after seeing the film. Thank you for doing this

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