If a fish and a shortboard got married and had a kid, it would be a Quark! More versatile than a twin-fin, the Quark has been surfed all over the world in conditions – and pulled off maneuvers – that a fish couldn’t handle. It works best in 1- to 8-foot surf. With a skatey feel, it surfs circles around standard shortboards in lousy windswell. In larger surf it’s just as fast and maneuverable with no sacrifice in performance.

    Glassing: triple 4-oz. warp glass deck, double 4-oz. warp bottom
    Fin setups available: Thruster, Quad, 5-fin
    Lengths: 5’10” to 6’6”

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    My Quark is the single most versatile board in my quiver. I surf mainly east coast beachbreak, which can range from windslop to super fast/steep barrels. The quark does it all. If I only had one board, this would be it. Competes with longboards in 2-ft and holds perfectly in overhead freight trains. I love the craftsmanship and durability of all of my FCD boards, but the Quark is something special, magic. Thanks FCD!

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