Huevo Ranchero

Not retro, not a “funboard” crutch. Semi-beginner riders can order it over sized, advanced/expert surfers can surf it as a tiny, low-effort shortboard alternative. The round tail makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions; whether you pick up a 2+1, quad finq or 5fin ‘Bonzer’ setup you will be equally prepared for full-rail cutbacks or carving high-speed lines. Designed with input from Devon Howard, Ben Lemke, Mary Osborne and the Malloy brothers, this board will guide you to a new level of style.

    Glassing: triple 4 oz. warp glass deck, double 4 oz. warp bottom
    Fin setups available: 2+1 , quad, or
    5fin ‘Bonzer’ available with FCS Fusion™ sidebites
    Lengths: 5’8 to 7’6”

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8 reviews for Huevo Ranchero

  1. 5 out of 5


    This board is great for all ability levels! There is so much versatility in the fin setups that it allows for the board to be used in a wide variety of breaks and conditions. I’ve riden a few different sizes but my favorite is my 5’8 that I use as a full outlines shortboard in mushy point break conditions, so much fun!

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    Hola FCD,

    I had a question about my 6’0 Huevo Ranchero. I went into a local shop to buy some fins (2+1), wanting to possibly put two larger side fins and a small center box fin for something different. The guy at the shop talked me out of it, so just looking for a second opinion. I guess if it’s a bad idea that could save me some money and a couple frustrating sessions in the water. Have any of you done a similar setup? Otherwise, the Huevo and my Fark are stoked.

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    What are the dims and volume of the 6’4 and 6’6 Huevo Ranchero?

    Looking at the Huevo as a short board replacement.

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      Hi James. We forgot to include the dims at the bottom of the page. If you go to: navigate to the bottom and click on the Stock Dimensions tab. Thanks.

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    OMG! that is awesome!!!!!!

    I’m going to be looking at that chart all day!
    Any chance you can put the prices there too?

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    hey, im looking for kind of a short board alternative for mushy texas surf. It’s between the huevo ranchero and the fark. Any recommendations on why one and also dimensions? im 5’7 and 135lb. thanks!

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      If you are coming off a shortboard and still want to have a high level of surfing go for the Fark, if you are coming from a longboard and want to keep the trim / glide thing going look at the Huevo. At your height and weight (depending on your paddle strength) i would look at Farks between 5’4 and 5’5. Huevos only go down to 5’6, but I think that size would be great starting point and wouldn’t go bigger than 5’8 or 5’9 in that model. Dimensions are below;
      Fark (quad only)

      5’4″ 18 3/4″ x 2 1/8″ volume: 24.16
      5’5″ 19″ x 2 1/8″ volume: 23.81

      Huevo: 5’6″ 19 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ voulme: 24.83

      Hope this helps,


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    Hi FCD,

    I was wondering how the rockerline differs between the short (<6') and mid size (6'10''-7'4'') boards differ? I assume the mid size boards would handle larger waves a bit better, or is the rocker more or less flat? Also until which size would you say is it still possible for a 160lb guy to scoop the board under waves? Thanks…

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      I’m 5’10 150lbs and I can duckdive a 6’4 pretty easily, the 6’6 takes a bit more technique and the 6’8 max’s me out. Let’s put it this way, volume wise a 6’4 Huevo has almost the same volume (within 1 liter) as a 7’0 HSRP, a 6’10 KMRP or a 6’8 Octopus. Hopefully that puts it in perspective for you. The rocker question is hard for me to understand but basically the percentage in length difference is what the difference in the rocker is. Example: if there’s a 10% difference between the lengths of two boards then the rocker is proportionally different by the same amount.

      Hope that helps,


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    hello I have two questions. which one for me? the Mickey Munoz or the huevo Ranchero. l ride a big 10 footer now and would like to start making my way down to a shorter board. 2nd question what size in the boards; I’m 5 10 210 pounds

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      Well, it depends on a lot of things. Stepping down from a 10 footer means you will lose a ton of volume, paddling ease and glide, but if you are ready for that than the Munoz is the board we recommend for people that are stepping down from a predominantly longboard based surfing history. The Munoz is 21-3/4 x 2-9/16 stock, and at your height and weight it will work for you if you are a strong paddler (surf 3-5 days a week). If not the Huevo at 7’10 is 22 x 2-7/8 and has a volume of 54.83 liters. For reference this has more volume than the Munoz even though it is shorter. My best suggestion for you would be to find a friend or even rent with a board in the 7’6 to 8’6 range and give it a go and see how it feels. I can tell you what I think but my advice is limited not knowing all the variable of where you surf, the types of waves you surf, how long you have been surfing, paddle strength etc.. My best guess based on what I know f the boards is only about 70% of the equation and I would be bummed if I sent you in a wrong direction and bummed you out!

      Either way, I hope this helps a bit. You can always give the guys at the shop a call and they can walk you through what you need to know as well.

      Best regards,


  8. 5 out of 5


    The FCD Huevo was my go to board when I went to Fiji. I surfed Cloudbreak and Namotu Lefts on my FCD and it never let me down. On that same trip I also rode the FCD F-Rocket but I liked the Huevo better (personal preference).

    My Huevo is 6’8 five fin version that I ride as a quad with SA4 future fins.

    I also have a 6’1 Huevo Bonzer that is my favorite board when the waves are pumping at my local beachbreak. I have Bonzers from Malcolm Campbell and from Flecther but there is something magic about my FCD Huevo Bonzer.

    If you are getting a FCD Huevo for regular waves I really prefer the 5 fin version over the 2+1 having ridden both but the Bonzer is the best version for when the waves get really good.
    Next time I go to Fiji I’m taking my Bonzer FCD Huevo.

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