This twin-fin excels on waves from 2 to 5 feet. It generates speed easily and carries momentum through the flat sections. Playful and maneuverable,  this fish acts like a small skateboard.

    Glassing: triple 4-oz. warp glass deck, double 4-oz. warp bottom
    Fin setups available: Twin, Quad
    Lengths: 5’6” to 6’4”

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    I have a twin fin FCD fish which I love (I wrote a review before the website change and now it’s gone).

    The board paddles well, goes down the line super fast and just feels right.
    Love the shape and the glassing and construction are awesome. No heel dings after years of hard use. All my friends who try it instantly love it and want to buy one.

    Was curious about the quad version of the fish and what the ride difference would be, what kinds of waves it’s for, and what quad future fins you’d recommend for a 180 lb dude?

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      Not sure if I ever answered this, I think it got by me so I apologize in advance. To me it’s really like splitting hairs, you can ride it in the same waves, it just has a bit of a different feel. You definitely need correct foot placement with a quad though, if your back foot is too far forward you won’t feel like you are going anywhere. In that regard the regular twinnie is a bit more forgiving. Honestly I like the regular twinnie better, it’s just an easier all around fish to ride. Our twinnie’s fin placement came from the fin placement on a quad, we lost the leading edge fins and rode it anyway. The board went so good we made it standard.

      Hope this helps!


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