It’s a Fish, it’s a Quark…no, it’s a Fark. A shorter, flatter, more rotund version of its older brother, Farks go unreal in just about anything. Whether it’s Lances, Hatteras or Rincon, this board has the foam to get you in early and deep. It paddles easily and accelerates quickly, turns great, and no nose = no swing weight. The quad setup never spins out and laughs at sections that try and shut you down. Power carves and loose enough to snap. Our riders and shop crew love it, and you will too. Order 3-4 inches shorter than a Quark, 1-2 inches shorter than your Fish

    Glassing: triple 4-oz. warp glass deck, double 4-oz. warp bottom
    Fin setups available: Quad
    Lengths: 5’2” to 6’0”

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    Hey FCD, I am from austria. Because austria hast no sea its difficult for me to surf :) constandtly. I trie to go surfing during my holidays= thats about 3-5 weeks/year. So my surflevel is beginnder to intermadiate. Im looking for a board for every condition. How much Volume would u recommend? I thought about a 5,9 5,10 Fark. I am 6,0 and weigh 169 lbs


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    If you don’t surf a ton I would say you need to have a bigger board than fark to continue to have a learning curve that isn’t super steep. I would suggest a longboard, or at least something in the 7’6 to 8′ range. At your height and weight, and the infrequency of which you are able to surf due to living far from the ocean learning will be very very difficult.

    I hope this helps,


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    thanks. yeah you are rigtht, and its also difficult for me to describe my surflevel. i surfed a minimalibu 7’6 and it worked. The cause why i am looking for a smaller board is the travel issue, its just easier to travel with a smaller lighter board than a boat :). i dont really know how much volume i need, but i think you cant help me with this one i need to try it out.

    thanks, btw im stoked about your ideology how you guys make surfboards!

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    If you are ever near San Sebastian they have demo boards!! We will be there next week let’s go for a surf!



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    trying to decide between fark and quark as travel board. what would work better in small – medium fast hollow surf (aka south pacific reefs)? I usually gravitate to a little more volume to help with paddling and getting in early and on bigger days. I’m 6′ 155lbs, thinking 5’6 – 5’8 fark or 5’10 – 6′ quark.

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      I’m 5’10 150 and I road the 5’8 all over Indo and Micronesia. Fletch is5’8 160 and he rode the same board in the same places. Actually Indo was where that board came a live and was proven amongst the whole boat crew. I think you will be stoked!


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    You said that the Fark came to live in Indonesia?
    Is it a good surfboard for Indo waves?
    Ill go there late September and wasn’t planning to leave my Fark at home…

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      Yeah man! Rags rights, Lance’s and a bunch of other waves…the Fark was loved by all on that trip! Definitely bring it!


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    Im looking for a board that will function in a variety of different waves during a bike touring trip I am planning up the west coast. I only want to take one board but want to have an option for solid waves as well as for groveling. I am interested in the fark and quark and also have thought about a small huevo ranchero. FCD, what would you recommend? I am 5’11, 155 lbs and in good paddling shape.

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      Fark for sure, you are our size exactly and it’s a great and easy board to travel with. Have a good trip!


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    i am 5’3′ and 130 lbs. I have been riding a 9′ triditional and switched to a 7′ quad here in florida after having so much fun on the tri and generally riding it like a short board. I have enjoyed the speed I can generate being a small guy on larger boards. Love the paddeling advantage too. Is a 5’10” fark going to be to big for me?

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      Well, I would suggest a 5’4 for you based on height and weight but if you are digging catching a TON of waves than the 5’10 will definitely allow you to do just that. It has a volume of 30.79 liters if that helps you at all.

      Best regards,


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