Speed to Burn

Speed to Burn

Chris Malloy burns off some speed on his FCD Mako surfboard

Chris was going to town on his quiver of Makos. This one is the 6’5 Fletch made for him and the shot is from early on in the trip. Check out how the water is coming off the bottom of the board. Speed to burn!!

About fcd

Almost 25 years after Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard began hammering pitons, Fletcher, Yvon’s son, started Point Blanks (now FCD Surfboards) in a shack next door to the original Iron Works. Like father like son: Fletcher and Point Blanks proceeded to lay-up and destroy hundreds of fiberglass/ foam panels until they found a better, stronger and lighter way to build boards. And, with a group of freethinking surfers and shapers, designed higher-performance boards using the new technology.
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2 Responses to Speed to Burn

  1. TK says:

    Do you guys know the fin set up Chris has on this Mako? And what set up is preferred?

  2. FCD says:

    Chris rides that board in a thruster fin setup, although the Mako is also available in a quad version. Fin setup on the Mako comes down to personal preference. Quads are looser and generate speed down the line more easily, while thrusters turn on a dime yet are more difficult to get going really fast.

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