Patagonia Wetsuits 2010

Patagonia Wetsuits 2010

We did a new video profiling some of the people that are helping us to build world class wetsuits. Video directed by Jason Baffa.

About fcd

Almost 25 years after Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard began hammering pitons, Fletcher, Yvon’s son, started Point Blanks (now FCD Surfboards) in a shack next door to the original Iron Works. Like father like son: Fletcher and Point Blanks proceeded to lay-up and destroy hundreds of fiberglass/ foam panels until they found a better, stronger and lighter way to build boards. And, with a group of freethinking surfers and shapers, designed higher-performance boards using the new technology.
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2 Responses to Patagonia Wetsuits 2010

  1. g says:

    did i spot Keith surfing some NW points? check out another spot in the same state but waaaaay south, you’ll find it next to a jetty that runs north to south in the middle of a river mouth…it’ll blow your mind. The Billabong Oddessy almost found it while they visited to train.

  2. FCD says:

    Sounds like there’s been another bigfoot sighting….yeah it was probably Keith, last I heard he was jumping on a plane and heading North East to a green place that isn’t icy.

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