Liquid KMRP

Liquid KMRP

Liquid KMRP

Came across this somewhere in the Outer Banks. Looks like the KMRP logo and its named ‘Keiths’. Random or time to call in the lawyers?

About fcd

Almost 25 years after Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard began hammering pitons, Fletcher, Yvon’s son, started Point Blanks (now FCD Surfboards) in a shack next door to the original Iron Works. Like father like son: Fletcher and Point Blanks proceeded to lay-up and destroy hundreds of fiberglass/ foam panels until they found a better, stronger and lighter way to build boards. And, with a group of freethinking surfers and shapers, designed higher-performance boards using the new technology.
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10 Responses to Liquid KMRP

  1. Simon says:

    Halifax’s finest ale! I can almost taste it now………….

  2. davec says:

    Start w/ tasting the evidence and go from there…good beer=freedom, bad beer=to the halls of justice.

  3. canadianfisk says:

    One of teh oldest, and best Canadian beers there is; don;t call the lawyers, just call teh company and ask for samples!

  4. FCD says:

    Any of you guys seen the movie FUBAR? That’s a fine Canadian film about a couple of fine Canadian young men that love to smash Pilsner’s, blast heavy metal, and play hockey. They really Give’r. Check it out

  5. Billy says:

    Great photo. Great beer. Really hope this was taken at a Brew Thru! Really miss that place.

  6. Rob Z says:

    Lucky 12!

  7. Rob Z says:

    Lucky 12!

  8. Billy says:

    Lucky 12 For life!!

  9. Timothy says:

    that beer has been around longer than your company…

  10. says:

    My home town beer.

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