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"This was a 6′ Quark I found unfinished in the roof of the glass shop, abandoned by a former employee. I cut the tail off and made it a 5’7″ with a fish-tail. Then, I set it up with Hobie Fish twin fins. It is magic. I want to submit it to fletch to be considered a new model. Call it the Farken twin fin!" – Stru

About fcd

Almost 25 years after Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard began hammering pitons, Fletcher, Yvon’s son, started Point Blanks (now FCD Surfboards) in a shack next door to the original Iron Works. Like father like son: Fletcher and Point Blanks proceeded to lay-up and destroy hundreds of fiberglass/ foam panels until they found a better, stronger and lighter way to build boards. And, with a group of freethinking surfers and shapers, designed higher-performance boards using the new technology.
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  1. BK says:

    Why hasn’t this guy been made a Patagonia ambassador yet? He kills it, is humble, and underground. Isn’t that what Patagonia is all about? BK

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