7’8″ Rocket Sled

7’8″ Rocket Sled

Walking into FCD Headquarters is kind of like going into a candy store, only without the candy and the pleasant aroma. There are racks of new surfboards, all different types of models, finishes, fin setups – you name it. I pulled down a couple of surfboards that caught my eye and hit them up with the Flip.

The surfboard featured in this video is a 7’8″ Rocket Sled with custom coloring on the deck and a sanded finish. With a thickness of 2 3/4″ and a width of 21 1/8″, this surfboard is easy to paddle and loves to go fast!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from every one at Fletcher Chouinard Designs!!

About fcd

Almost 25 years after Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard began hammering pitons, Fletcher, Yvon’s son, started Point Blanks (now FCD Surfboards) in a shack next door to the original Iron Works. Like father like son: Fletcher and Point Blanks proceeded to lay-up and destroy hundreds of fiberglass/ foam panels until they found a better, stronger and lighter way to build boards. And, with a group of freethinking surfers and shapers, designed higher-performance boards using the new technology.
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2 Responses to 7’8″ Rocket Sled

  1. Kurt Squier says:

    I’m an intermediate surfer from Oregon. I’ve been surfing about 12-years but living in Portland means I don’t get to the surf as often as I’d like. I’m going on a trip to Bali in June and was thinking about purchasing a 6’8″ Rocket Sled. I’m 6’1″ and 185lb. I’m presently riding your 8’6″ Traditional, a 6′ Fish and 7’2″ Schuler. I’m far from a shredder and never will be as I just turned 43, but enjoy big surf and dream about getting my first ever tube ride in Bali. Does this sound like a reasonable choice in boards? I’m open to any advice.

  2. FCD says:

    The RS is a great board but better suited for fast point breaks than hollow reefs. Tale a look at the Octo or Mako in the same size range and see what you think. If you want give us a call atteh shop and we’ll answer any questions you may have.
    best regards,

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